One Finger Mobile Game – Unity 3D – 2014


Trak is a game for Android device. It was developed  in 5 days with 4 other students of Supinfogame as an order from 3DDUO. We had to make a mobile game playable with only one hand, with short gameplay session and procedural level design providing an infinite replay value.

In Trak, the player has to follow a line, which scrolls from the top of his screen, with his finger to destroy it. He will also have to perform taps on this line. The player has to prevent any part of the line to reach the bottom of his screen. The scoring system is based on a risk/reward principle. The nearest the player is from the top of his screen, the quicker lines and taps come at him and so the higher he will earn score.


What I did 

• Game Design : designed game mecanics, and writed design documents.
• Level Design :
tweaked the procedural level generation.
• Sound Design :
composed dynamic and procedural music and sound effects.