Rhythmic FPS – Unity 3D – 2013


S.W.A.G. is a rhythmic FPS developed for the Hits Playtime french student contest with Pol Clarissou, Flex Roman and Vincent Rabatel. I’ve been working on S.W.A.G. as Game Designer and Sound Designer. The game takes place in 1995. New York City streets are invaded by West Coast gangsters. You embody a Brooklyn inhabitant who wants to protect his neighborhood. You will have to use your ghettoblaster and shoot at your ennemies in rhythm in order to defeat them.

S.W.A.G. was honored by a special mention from the contest’s jury president.


What I Did

• Designed all the game mecanics.
• Writed all the game design documentation for our programmer.
• Writed articles on our blog about our game design choices, and about our universe and references.
• Created sound effects.
• Composed dynamic musics (different layers) respecting rythm game music contraints.


Play the prototype (Unity, Web Browser)