Paranoia: Happiness Is Mandatory

Top Down RPG – Unity – 2017 to 2019


I started working on Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory as a Level Designer from its pre-production back in 2017 and worked on it until its release in December 2019. I was promoted to a Lead Level Designer role during the year 2019 and credited as such.

Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory is Top down RPG based on the Paranoia pen and paper RPG IP. The game was developed on Unity for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

What I did

Developed the Hub and Tutorial levels from pre-production to release:
2D Layout according to the Level Design constraints, visual references and intentions.
Level Building in Unity (using modular building kits).

Level Scripting using Node Canvas (Visual Scripting).
• Creating NPCs and their dialogue trees.
Quest design and set up using our in-house tool.
• Setting up NPC activities.
• Developing some the game key sequences logic: the cloning sequence (triggered whenever the player dies) and the briefing/debriefing sequences (beginning/end of each major mission).

Developed two other levels until the end of pre-production:
• Layout, Level Building and Level Scripting.
• Creating combat arenas for ranged combat based on the use of covers and environmental hazards.

Took over Technical Design and Team Managing/Lead tasks:
• Creating and updating gym levels for different teams and different systems from the game.
Designing and following the development of a custom quest flow tool.
• Setting up Level Design processes and best practices.
• Writing training documentation for new Level Designers and mentoring them.
• Managing Level Designers schedules, tasks and progress.
• Reviewing and providing feedback on the work of Level Designers.

Designed the hacking system for the game.