Action RPG – Unity – 2015/2016


Afterward is the graduation project I worked on with 6 other Supinfogame students, for a period of 9 months. It is an action RPG developed on Unity 5, playable on PC with a controller.

Afterward  takes place in a far future, long after a disaster submersed most of the land surface of the Earth. Humans returned to a tribal way of life and only few itinerant individuals, called the Shamans, have kept the knowledge of technology and are perceived as demi-gods by tribes.

The player embodies one of this shaman. He fights by projecting on the field solid and persistent elements called « distortions », which inflict damage and repel enemies on impact. Distortions can be recalled in order to regain the energy used for their creation.


What I did

Game Design :
• 3C Design.
• AI Design.

Level Design :
• Global Level Design documents (learning curve, player motivation,  narration).
• Puzzle Design.
• Fight Arena Design.
• Level Building.

Sound Design :
• Sound Effects creation in Reaper.
• Music composition in Fruity Loops.
• Integration in Unity.