Hi, I’m Lucas, currently working at Black Shamrock as a Lead Level Designer.

After 5 years studying Game and Level Design in Rubika Supinfogame and an internship at Streum On Studio, working on Space Hulk Deathwing on Sound Design and Level Design tasks, I moved to Dublin and joined Black Shamrock in 2016.

I first worked as a Sound Designer on a Blood Bowl 2 DLC and then shortly did Level Design during  Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood‘s preproduction.
In 2017, I started working on Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory as a Level Designer. I worked on that project from its preproduction to its release in December 2019. I was promoted to Lead Level Designer while working on Paranoia and was credited as such.
Since Paranoia‘s release, I’ve been working as a Level Designer on various in house and outsourcing unannounced projects while still managing the Level Design team at Black Shamrock.

I enjoy team work and both technical and creative challenges which is why I decided to become a Level Designer. I feel like Level Design allows me to be the closest to the player experience, but it’s also work that requires to be very close to the team, creating spaces and moments that magnifies their work and that’s why I love it.


Mail : contact at lucasmaupin.com

Phone : +353 (0)83 885 4209

LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/in/lucasmaupin

Twitter : www.twitter.com/lucasmaupin